Registration fees and payment

General terms

    • MECO & CPSIoT is a low budget event, aimed to encourage participation of young scientists and colleagues from developing countries, without diminishing it’s quality.
    • MECO & CPSIoT events maintain a very high standard and a strong double reviewing process.
    • MECO & CPSIoT engages outstanding keynotes speakers including Nobel prize-winners as well as other members of research and academic community.
    • One registration is valid for one paper.
    • Traditional participants, students, authors of several papers, participants from developing countries, and participants coming from the institutions that contribute to conference as co-organiser can achieve a discount. Also the authors that helped in reviewing process are a subject of a discount. In the case the situation with the COVID pandemic doesn’t get better by the time conference is held, a general discount will be provided.

 Specific terms

  1. All papers will be reviewed and those who have been positively reviewed and accepted will be published in Conference Proceedings (in digital form).
  2. Full papers will be submitted for inclusion in IEEE Xplore, SCOPUS, WoS;
  3. Demo papers will be published in Proceedings covered by Google Scholar and Research Gate.
  4. If the registrations paid through MECOnet (commercially) it will include VAT a proper company-type invoice will be issued.
  5. If the participants choses to proceed via MANT his payment will be considered as sponsorship/donation to the cause and a corresponding receipt will be issued.
  6. In order to avoid hyper-publishing and hyper-authorship, one person can be an author or a co-author in 3 papers maximum per Workshop. 
  7. One author can register 2 papers maximum. In this case, a discount will be provided for the 2nd paper. A 3rd paper is not subjected to a discount.
  8. Institutional or group payment (for more than 5 papers) is subjected to negotiation with the organizers.
  9. To calculate your fee and to pay registration, or to ask for group invoice, discount or to clarify any issue regarding payment please go to MECO and CPSIoT fees calculator


Registration fees for CPSIoT are appropriate and moderate, both for senior researchers and all categories of the students.

Early bird registration (up to May 15 2023).

  • FULL: 490 EURonline 390 EUR
  • STUDENT: 370 EURonline 290 EUR
  • PASSIVE (listener, short papers, ideas): 260 EURonline 180 EUR
  • PROJECT DISSEMINATION: subject to negotiations


Late registration (after May 15 2023)

  • FULL: 550 EURonline 440 EUR
  • STUDENT: 410 EURonline 330 EUR
  • PASSIVE (listener, short papers, ideas): 280 EURonline 200 EUR
  • PROJECT DISSEMINATION: subject to negotiations


All prices listed above include VAT.

The parties who pay via SWIFT are obliged to cover the complete expenses of the payment service. In case of paying via “shared costs” the party will be obliged to additionally pay-up the remnant.

Because of our no-refund policy, in case you are unsure of whether you will attend in person or online, we advice you pay the online fee. In case you afterwards decide to attend in person, you can always pay-up the cost difference in person once you physically arrive to the Conference.


    • ON-LINE (REMOTE) presentation (in case of COVID or other disaster risks): 15% for all categories.
    • ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS are calculated by MECO fees Calculator, taking in account the following parameters/activities:
      • number of papers per registered author (see LEGAL NOTICES)
      • returning participant
      • over pages
      • helping as reviewer
      • paying via MECOnet or MANT
      • asking and getting approval for discount from organizer (after well justifying and appealing)
      • being awarded with MECO and CPSIoT Student Scholarship



There are 2 ways to pay registration fee. In additional classical way of payments MECOnet provides also E-Payment


In this scenario, you participate at MECO conference by subscribing to a MECO membership, which is valid for all MECO events in 2023 and thus for MECO2023. In this case you receive a  receipt without VAT (not an Invoice!). If you pay through MANT, you achieve an additional discount of additional 12%.

  • Before the payment you can calculate the amount automatically through the MECO fees Calculator. You can copy your participant status and the calculated amount in the email and request the receipt to or simply insert this amount in the e-payment system.


Payment Via MECOnet L.L.A.:  

From Montenegro: via Bank account (Ziro Racun)

MECOnet d.o.o.

510-9839332, CKB-Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka

Purpose/Svrha: Registracija za MECO 2019, rad #xxx


From abroad: 

by Incoming Payment Instructions (SWIFT)

The SWIFT provision must be paid by the payer!


Shorten SWIFT for MECOnet:

The bank account of the receiver:



The receiver: MECONET D.O.O.

Account with receivers: IBAN: ME25510000000009839332


Detailed SWIFT for MECOnet:

Please do not mix up the Intermediary bank with Account with Institution!

Field 56 – Intermediary bank:
Swift Address: DEUTDEFF
Name: Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt

Field 57 – Account with Institution:
Party Identifier: 100 9363045 0000 EUR,.
Swift Address: CKBCMEPG

Field 59 – Beneficiary Customer
IBAN: ME25510000000009839332
Name & Address: “MECONET”  DOO
81000, Podgorica, MONTENEGRO

Field 70 – Remittance information
Name Surname #p, Registration code:

As example: Marko Markovic #34, REG1-MECO-ECYPS

In case you register for other events like summers schools, trainings do not put the number of the paper:

As example: Marko Markovic REG4- CPS&IoT2019

Detailed MECOnet SWIFT instructions as given from BANK


PLEASE BE WARNED: The amount on your slip will be higher about 4% than the fee itself because of the bank fee for online payment. We do not invoice the bank’s provision. 


 Payment via MANT Association:



By “priznanica” or bank transfer to:
Z.R:  540-4835-93, ERSTE BANK AG Podgorica
Svrha: MECO’2019 Clanarina za rad #…


The SWIFT bank provision must be paid by payer!

Pls do not mix Intermediary bank with Account with Institution!

59: Beneficiary and account
ME25 5401 1000 2361 0871 65
57: Beneficiary Bank
Erste Bank AD Podgorica
Podgorica, ME
70: Remittance information
Name Surname, MECO2023 Membership for paper #(number of paper), As example Marko Markovic, MECO2023 Membership, paper #34
56: Correspondent bank /Intermediary (EUR) (if required)
Erste & Steiermaerkische bank DD
Rijeka, HR



  1. The registration fee covers: logistics support for paper submission, logistics support for registration, logistic support for presentation, logistic support for in-venue and on-line participation, reviewing process including technical and scientific aspects, financial management (invoicing etc..), logistic support for publishing in Conference Proceedings and for applying for inclusion in scientific database, conference set, 3 lunches during conferences, break refreshments, social events organized by organizer.
  2. One registration is valid for one paper
  3. One full author can be register for maximum two full papers. In case registered for two papers, the 1stpaper is subject of full registration and 2nd one of reduced one (see MECO fees Calculator).
  4. One student author can be registered for only one student paper.
  5. Registration considers 4 pages papers. Each addition page (up to 8) is subject of addition paying.
  6. If a paper is accepted, and regularly finished by the author in the final version in addition to having all the necessary files and documents submitted to Organizer by the author, and if such paper is printed in the Conference Proceedings, the obligation of the Organizer is fulfilled and the the Organizer has no obligation to refund money to the author for no reason whatsoever
  7. The organiser do not guarantee that papers from proceedings will be included in IEEEXplore database. The organiser will submit material for inclusion and IEEE will do an additional review and quality estimation as to the inclusion in their Xplore database. Up to now all material from MECO was included in SCOPUS and similar data bases and some years in WoS. We will submit the material for inclusion, but we can not guarantee the inclusion in these or similar databases, for the final decision as to whether something shall be included is retained by the respective data-bases.
  8. The services from 1 are given in Montenegro as well as conference is taking place in Montenegro, primarily in venue form. Thus VAT should be paid regarding Montenegrin laws.
  9. In case paying via MECOnet you will get invoice with VAT included. In case of paying via MANT (NGO) your payment will be considered as voluntary donation and you will receive adequate receipt (not VAT invoice). In this case you will have additional discount of 10%.
  10. No refunding policy in case you canceled participation (COVID, illness, force majore, personal reasons, visa refused etc..), non-presence in-venue or changing your status from in-venue to on-line (remote) or vice-versa.
  11. The organizers of conference are not responsible for post-conference review of the material submitted to databases.
  12. Accommodation is your obligation. The organizer only recommends affordable accommodation options.
  13. The travel is your obligation.
  14. You must act in accordance with the state of Montenegro rules in force at the time of the conference (COVID measures, entrance measures, other measures…).
  15. With paying registration it is considered that author read and accepted this rules.

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